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Tail ERP is an industry-specific software solution for the retail vertical built from ERPNext. It offers retail centric components that are customized to meet the requirements of a retail organization.
It maps the complete set of business processes required for competitive assortment strategies, different retail formats, and logistics and distribution. It provides all the functions necessary for modeling business processes in a retail company.
Tail ERP helps you improve your planning capabilities as well as your daily merchandise execution activities, such as adding items, changing prices, and creating promotions.

TailERP supports the following processes:

Merchandise management

With robust and flexible master-data functionality, Tail ERP can support item maintenance and assortment and pricing management down to the store level.

Purchase order management

The Tail ERP solution supports all phases of buying, from purchase order processing to goods receipt. It provides complete visibility throughout the purchasing process.

Merchandise distribution

The Tail ERP solution supports the entire distribution process for all products delivered to distribution centers or to stores directly. Allocation processing allows you to distribute items and quantities.

Warehouse management

The pressure to optimize inventory and lower the cost of goods sold requires strong logistics planning and execution. The Tail ERP solution supports the processes of goods issue and receipt and performing physical inventories and cycle counts as well as returns to-vendor processing. It employs the ABC analysis or selective inventory control for a simple and effective count of materials stored in the warehouse.

Store execution

One of the best things about an integrated solution is the inherent ability for actions executed in the ERP application to flow down automatically through POS systems to the stores. Change a price, add an item to an existing promotion, and your stores will receive the updated information in a timely manner – and the same holds true for activities such as sales and returns that happen in the store.Tail ERP connects to a POS system using the offline-first technology to ensure retail transactions are saved even when there are intermittent internet connection or electric power interruptions.

Financial processing and performance monitoring

The Tail ERP solution compiles real-time product and vendor data and helps you analyze performance. Reporting features give you the visibility and responsiveness you need to support your retail activities – with additional support in the areas of accounting practices and general ledger processing.